London's Most Immersive Virtual Reality Arcade

OTHERWORLD - VR Awards Finalist 2020
OTHERWORLD - Frame Awards Winner 2020

Health and safety has always been extremely important to us. We have always used clinical-grade anti-viral wipes (99.999% effective against COVID-19, influenza, norovirus and more) after every use of our immersion pods.

In response to COVID-19, we are also sanitising using UV wands, maintaining social distancing, and introducing a 1-way flow through the venue.

As each member of your group gets their own private Immersion Pod, you will be physically distanced but virtually united as every room connects together into the OTHERWORLD island.

For more information on what changes we've made, please visit our "Dealing with COVID-19" page.

Thank you for your support.
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"The future may be full-on terrifying, but boy is it fun."
"Stunning... Like nothing you've ever seen."
"A world you won't want to leave!"
"You can really feel the heat!"
"Enormously good fun"
"London's most immersive VR arcade."

ESCAPE THE GREY with virtual reality in London

Your portal to another world
OTHERWORLD is a free roam VR island paradise with portals to sixteen unique virtual reality experiences, accessed only from a railway arch in Haggerston, East London.
When it's time to take off, you and your friends will each step into your own sense-hacking immersion pod, a private space which combines a leading VR headset with dynamic heat, wind and rumble effects for maximum immersion.
You will travel to a boundless world of natural beauty: the perfect antidote to the chaos of urban living.
Once inside the virtual world, you'll be reunited with your friends: see and hear them as if they were right next to you.
people in vr arcade
the otherworld virtual world

a vr arcade set within a virtual paradise

infinite possibility
Feel the sun beat down on your face as you emerge from the cave. Feel the wind in your hair as you slide down a vast mountain. Feel the thud beneath your feet of a new land to explore.
Dotted around OTHERWORLD are portals to sixteen unforgettable experiences - handpicked by us as the best on the market.
You can fight a zombie apocalypse deep in Arizona, live a solitary life on the open seas, or swing from tree to tree and discover the secrets of the ancients...
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