The World's Most Immersive VR Experience

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Escape the grey

Your portal to another world

OTHERWORLD is a virtual island paradise, home to sixteen unique VR experiences, accessible from our city centre metaverse portals in London and Birmingham.

When it's time to take off, you and your friends will each step into your own multi-sensory immersion pod: a private space that combines an advanced VR headset with dynamic heat, wind and rumble effects, so that you see, hear and feel everything.

Once in VR, you'll be reunited with your friends as virtual avatars in our digital theme park.

Together, you'll explore a boundless world of natural beauty: the perfect antidote to the chaos of urban living.

Experience the impossible

One island, 16 experiences

Feel the sun on your back, the wind in your hair and the earth quake beneath your feet, as you and your friends explore an alternate reality

Discover the sixteen unforgettable VR games and experiences dotted around the island, handpicked by us to let you experience the impossible.

Survive a zombie apocalypse deep in the Arizona desert, live a solitary life on the open seas, or swing from the trees and discover the secrets of the ancients...

Reap the rewards

Earn DreamCoin

OTHERWORLD's local currency

Your actions in VR have consequences...

Check in for travel using your DreamPort or the OTHERWORLD app, and you'll win and lose DreamCoin for your virtual successes and failures.

Simply explore new virtual worlds, fight zombies, chop vegetables, throw penguins, dance with crabs or seek out the island's hidden treasures, and you could top our leaderboard and become a DreamCoin millionaire!

But your virtual riches don't just stay in the metaverse...

Pool your DreamCoin when you return to the real world, and get discounts on our wide range of drinks and snacks at the bar. The more you earn, the bigger the discount!

Visit the metaverse

One island, multiple portals

Whether you step into an immersion pod in London or Birmingham, Miami or Austin, you're going to the same place: OTHERWORLD.

All of our real world portals are connected to the same social VR metaverse, with the same incredible VR experiences and games.