first class hospitality.
From this world to the next.

A place to relax before your journey, and reunite with friends when you return.


Our drinks selection

At OTHERWORLD we believe in a well-rounded experience; that's why when you're not travelling through our virtual world, you can enjoy one of our many drinks options with your friends.

Even if you don't have a ticket to the Otherworld booked, you're welcome to hang out and enjoy our world-class bar.

Our cocktail menu is filled to the brim with both classics and original recipes, which were put together by our in house mixologist whom previously worked at the exclusive award-winning Soho cocktail bar 'Milk and Honey'.

When building the rest of the menu our team went for taste over familiarity, choosing some of the best up-and-coming independent drinks brands.

With a unique selection featuring Sakes, Mezcals and Japanese Whiskeys as well as all the usual suspects plus an amazing selection of craft beer and carefully selected wines, there's sure to be a good drink for everyone - we even put a lot time in selecting a whole range of low-ABV/Alcohol Free drinks.
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Our Food selection

Our set menu has been masterfully designed by Mediterranean-trained Pinoy chef Francis Puyat of Rapsa @100 Hoxton.

They have created an innovative but accessible menu, mouth-watering in its simplicity and heart-warming in its price.

At Otherworld the food concept is simple, small plates and sharing boards drawing mainly from Asian flavours, spices and ingredients inspired by Francis Puyat's homeland in the Philippines.

We'll arrange a delicious selection for your whole group to enjoy, before or after your journey!

Can sound, sight, aroma and touch really affect taste? Experience how a change in the environment you are in affects your perception of anything consumed.


Relax as we take you through a journey, with 3D projection mapping, carefully selected aroma release and a soundscape designed to increase mindfulness in both drinking and eating. Be able to have an experience that is as unique as you are, knowing that "We all live in very different taste worlds" means that your experience really will be your own.

Dr. Who

Our experiences will change every 3 months collaborating with different partners each time.

First Class lounge

Redefining Illumination

360° lighting for well cool effects.

360° visuals

Drive yourself insane by listening to the same song over and over again.

A separate Private Space

Do what you want while nobody watches.

Perfect for up to 15 guests

Pour your own pints, ad infinitum.

Table service

You're a Very Important Person, so you'd love it here.

Comfortable seating

Another reason you'd love it here.