Dealing with Covid-19

Find out how we're keeping you safe on your journey.

OTHERWORLD already puts the 'social' in social distancing, allowing you and up to 13 other friends to travel to a virtual paradise together, whilst your bodies remain safe in your own private, solo immersion room.

The health and safety of our customers is of huge importance to us; and we want to ensure that the only thing you're going home with are good memories and a belly full of beer. That's why we have built on our already high cleaning standards to create the most safest environment during your experience.


Since we opened in 2019, hygiene along with customer health & safety has always been a key part of what goes on behind the scene.

We want the equipment to be 'like-new' for every visitor and so between session we have always cleaned our headsets and controllers with clinical-grade anti-viral wipes.

We use Clinell wipes which kill 99.999% of pathogens within 10 seconds, and is effective against viruses including COVID-19, influenza, and norovirus.

To further improve our cleaning procedure, we will be adding a final cleaning stage using UV wands.

in-venue changes

In order to keep you as safe as possible we have implemented a few minor changes that while having a huge impact on everyone's safety, does not take anything away from your experience.

Our venue design allows you to maintain social distancing and also it has allowed us to put in place an easy one way system. Entering through the front and leaving out the back will prevent any cross pollination of groups entering and exiting.

Our staff will also be wearing face masks and will be required to fill out a daily health questionnaire to ensure a healthy environment for all.

Drinks will be available for purchase as you leave so you can still enjoy that pint with your friends!

We will be requesting phone numbers to facilitate Track & Trace.