Beat Saber

Dance with lightsabers in time to the beat.

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Beat Saber is an award-winning immersive rhythm experience and vr arcade classic.

Enter into a futuristic world and progress through a series of hand-crafted levels, using your lightsabers to slash through the pulsing beats flying towards you. Expect great songs, great exercise, and even greater immersion.

"Day 239 of Beat Saber. My arms have now doubled in diameter. I can no longer feel anything in my biceps." — Detective Danny (Steam user)

Easy to learn but hard to master, Beat Saber offers a truly unique blend of catchy music beats and stunning visual effects.

Check out some of the Beat Saber reviews below:

"Beat Saber is a must-play for anyone interested in virtual reality." — Game Informer
"Beat Saber is a good recipe for forgetting you’re in your living room dancing in your underwear." — Road To VR
"It should absolutely be a go-to for introducing anyone to virtual reality." — IGN
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