Burgers, Bullets and A Broken Medical System.

Compound VR

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Collect a ridiculous array of weapons, snack on the finest fast foods the future has to offer, and avoid getting killed in this retro rogue-lite single-player shooter.

A shooter formula that is unparalleled in VR - Mixed News

Dodge, duck and weave as you blast your way through the evil M-Corp’s headquarters on your mission to exact vengeance on the corporate overlords above!

An Instant Classic - Road To VR

Careful though - no second chances in this experience!

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Compound made me nostalgic for a generation before my time ... captures the essence of those ’90s shooters expertly in VR - Upload VR

Gorgeous retro graphics and a whole lot of fun. - Eurogamer

This is by far the best VR fps I’ve played, there is no comparison - PeanutSpread, Steam User

Genuinely one of the best VR games I have ever played. - Critical, Steam User

I do not think a VR game has ever made me smile with pure gaming pleasure as this has! - Dunninger, Steam User

I’m addicted - Helzky, Steam User