Gloomy eyes

Award winning VR Animation narrated by Colin Farrel.

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Gloomy Eyes is an award winning immersive VR Animation that tells the story of a human girl and a zombie boy who fall in love. 

I have "dead butterflies in (my) stomach"... This is pure art. I've never seen anything like this.  - Steam User 

Nena was born in the cold darkness, the niece of the harsh leader of humankind. Gloomy is a rotting zombie boy, shambling his way through a world out to kill him.

Can their atypical love survive in a world where the living and the dead cannot peacefully coexist?

Check out the reviews for Gloomy Eyes below:

Loved it! <3 Awesome job with this devs. I can't wait to view more animations like this in VR. Absolutely fantastic!  - Steam User 
This is one of the coolest experiences, seeing a tiny world come to life with so much vivid detail. - Steam User 
So utterly gorgeous and lovely - Steam User 

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