Call your crew, grab some paint and get bombing.

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Kingspray is the colorful graffiti simulator used by prolific artists who use this game to practice. 

The intuitive controls get you spraying walls quickly, paint looks silky, and cans spray exactly as they do in the real world - including realistic drip physics. 

Best of all, this game has a 4 player collaborative mode - jump onto the same train platform and throw up runners as a squad without running out of paint. Don’t forget to whip out your phone and take a picture before TFL swings by to scrub it off.

Absolutely magnificent. The caps, pressure and metallic sliders, the realism with the drip. Its great.  
The feeling of painting is close to spot on, it's very immersive and precise. Only spray painted acrylics, and rims in real life, but the feel is there.
Calling it a game isn't relaly right. it's an art tool.
Do you want a graffiti simulator? Because if so, Kingspray will give you a great one. It's halfway between graffiti and drawing with an airbrush in photoshop.

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