Pistol Whip

An unstoppable action-rhythm shooter

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Like going to the gym, with more pistols. Move with the flow in this high-octane shooter by dodging, ducking and (of course) pistol-whipping your way through a pulse-pounding soundtrack.

Warning: does not come with a replacement legs, which you will definitely need the day after - Bladek (Steam user)

Challenge your skill by hitting targets to the beat of the music, and rise up the leaderboards. Each scene is hand-crafted to the music, from bank heists to android uprisings, so you'll feel like you're in the middle of an action movie.

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"The game that brings me back to my VR headset again and again, and I expect that to be the case for months to come." - UploadVR
"Insanely fun, downright hectic, and excellent for parties." - GamingTrend

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