Racket: Nx

Play electro-tennis at Wimble-Tron.

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Racquetball meets Breakout inside a giant pinball machine.

Racket NX is a virtual reality sports game that will push you to your limits;. You rack up points by hitting a series of moving targets whilst hurtling through space in a futuristic glass dome.

"Sweet game! Need a new set of arms and shoulders" — (Steam user)

Tight, realistic physics give you full control over this fast-paced and futuristic virtual sports experience, accompanied by an original soundtrack featuring music from the likes of Mr Bill and Electrypnose. Progress through levels of increasing difficulty in Solo Mode or take things slower with Zen Mode.

Multiplayer offers intense 1v1 matches where you can play against your friends or compete for a spot on the online leaderboard.

Check out the reviews for Racket: NX below:

"It has to be said right out of the gate. This is the best Virtual Reality Game that is out right now." — The Budan (Steam user)
"Fun and addictive... One of the most comfortable VR gameplay experiences you can have." - Road To VR
"Absolutely Incredible game. This game nails everything." — krylke (Steam user)
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