Space Pirate Trainer

Blow up robots with laser cannons.

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If you remember those awesome arcade games you played back in the day? You'll love this.

One of the most well-established and best loved FPS Virtual Reality games, Space Pirate Trainer puts you in a virtual world which draws upon the idea of old-fashioned arcade cabinets and reworks this to offer a fully-immersive shooting experience. Grab a gun and a shield, or perhaps opt for a more futuristic weapon, and set out to fighting off relentless waves of droids and their incoming lasers.

"Good for tricking yourself into exercising." — Nooby McTarget (Steam user)

Gameplay is fast-paced and frenetic bringing a much needed dose of old-school arcade action to the Virtual Reality landscape.

Check out some of the Space Pirate Trainer reviews below:

Check out the Space Pirate Trainer reviews below:

"Space Pirate Trainer nails the purity of an arcade FPS in VR." — PC Gamer
"This is the sort of experience that really shows off what the Vive can do. It's physically demanding, it's challenging and it's something that can only somewhat be conveyed in words or video." — Polygon
"I-Illusions has managed to create a very fun shooter experience, while removing the traveling element altogether, and it works really well." — Tom's Hardware
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