Battle it out in titanic mechs on far-away planets

Vox Machinae

Key facts

Maximum players
Steam rating


Strap in Pilot, it's time for battle!

Team up or go head to head against your friends and colleagues in groups of up to 16 in this hyper-realistic mech battle simulator.

Choose from 8 distinct classes, each boasting a powerful range of weapons and equipment, and take control of the inter-planetary battlefield.

Missiles, Miniguns, Lasers, Drills - we've got it all!

"This is, hands down, the best VR game I own. Seriously, holy crap." - Steam User 

Featuring a fully interactive cockpit, Vox Machinae delivers an immersive piloting experience like no other, transporting you to the most hostile environments the solar system has to offer and providing an unrivalled sense of scale.

No one to play with? No problem!

Drop into the new campaign mode for a deeper narrative experience. Sharpen your combat skills, tour the galaxy and discover a dark future where unrestricted corporatism reigns supreme!

So what are you waiting for Rookie? The Horizon Corporation needs you!

(Please note: The Dream Corporation Ltd. firmly opposes extra-terrestrial colonisation and mining efforts, and is in no way affiliated with The Horizon Corporation. We cannot be held liable for injuries sustained from contact with Giant Space Worms or malfunctioning ejector seats)

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"Easily the best mech game ever made" - Steam User  

"It's too good. Makes me remember why I love VR. (As if I needed reminding)" - Steam User 

"Best simulation of being in a cockpit I've seen so far. It feels like you're actually controlling a giant war machine." - Steam User

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