Westworld Awakening

Bring yourself back online in this stealthy and scary experience set in the hit TV show

In Westworld, anything goes.

Guests pay to live out their wildest fantasies with lifelike robots called 'hosts'. When the hosts start to malfunction and rebel against the park owners - you get caught up in the action.

Everything you would expect from Westworld and their intelligent storylines, twists, and Survios talent for making some of the best VR titles on the planet — Colin (Steam user)

You are Kate, a host who has gained self-awareness and must escape the park. Use stealth to sneak past enemies, your smarts to solve puzzles, and your wits to conquer a world designed to destroy you.

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"One of the most emotionally engaging VR games I've ever played." — Windows Central
"It should create a bit more empathy for the robots in our lives." — Engadget