Doctor Who: The Edge Of time



The Doctor is in a whole heap of trouble. Trapped at the edge of time and facing the end of reality itself, only you can save the world - and the Doctor.


Enter your private immersion room and stare down blood-thirsty Angels, sneak past six-foot Daleks, and pilot the iconic tardis on an unforgettable journey through the universe of the show.


Expect escape room puzzles, stellar voice acting by Jodie Whitaker, and a very handy sonic screwdriver.

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OTHERWORLD is London's most immersive vr experience arcade, and portal to a virtual island paradise, which you and up to 13 other friends can explore together. Oh, and we also have a cocktail bar!

Immersion Room Technology

During your visit, each passenger will be within their own private immersion room kitted out with wind, heat and vibration effects, which allows you to truly feel the world around you.

16 Unforgettable Experiences

We have 16 of the best games & experiences on the market. You don't need to choose an experience in advance, we transport you to the island and then you're free to explore and enjoy them in your own time - just like a theme park!


We put the social into social distancing by giving friends the ability to play, socialise and share experiences whilst being separated and placed in your own personal safe space.


We use Clinell wipes which kill 99.999% of pathogens within 60 seconds, and is effective against viruses including COVID-19, influenza, and norovirus.


We've implemented traffic flow changes, our staff will also be wearing face masks and will be required to fill out a daily health questionnaire to ensure a healthy environment for all.

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otherworld london vr arcade
London's Most Immersive Virtual Reality Experience Arcade


"The future may be full-on terrifying, but boy is it fun."
"Stunning... Like nothing you've ever seen."
"A world you won't want to leave!"
"You can really feel the heat!"
"Enormously good fun"
"London's most immersive VR arcade."

Your portal to another world

OTHERWORLD is a free roam VR island paradise with portals to sixteen unique virtual reality experiences, accessed only from a railway arch in Haggerston, East London.
When it's time to take off, you and your friends will each step into your own sense-hacking immersion room, a private space which combines a leading VR headset with dynamic heat, wind and rumble effects for maximum immersion.
You will travel to a boundless world of natural beauty: the perfect antidote to the chaos of urban living.
Once inside the virtual world, you'll be reunited with your friends: see and hear them as if they were right next to you.
people in vr arcade
the otherworld vr experience


Feel the sun beat down on your face as you emerge from the cave. Feel the wind in your hair as you slide down a vast mountain. Feel the thud beneath your feet of a new land to explore.
Dotted around OTHERWORLD are portals to sixteen unforgettable VR experiences - like a virtual reality theme park - which let you experience the impossible.
You can fight a zombie apocalypse deep in Arizona, live a solitary life on the open seas, or swing from tree to tree and discover the secrets of the ancients...
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Journeys to OTHERWORLD are in popular demand, so we recommend you book in advance. All of our latest availability is always available here on our website.

Tickets start at £15 for 40 minutes, and vary between peak and off-peak times.

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