30 Truly Terrible VR Puns

I ran out of ideas for blog posts, so I did what any writer worth their salt would do - asked ChatGPT for ideas. After a minute of sifting through 40 or so pretty uninspiring topics, I landed on everyone’s favourite form of humour; puns.

So what kind of puns can you make about Virtual Reality?

Turns out, not too many, so I consulted my good friend ChatGPT…

It did not help.

In fact, the responses were so terrible that I had to refresh the page and go for a walk.

So here they are, 30 of the worst jokes (a term I’m using very liberally) you will ever have the misfortune of reading (seriously, I cannot overstate how bad these are):

  1. VR going to have a great time exploring virtual worlds! (?)

  2. I told my friend about VR, and now he's virtually hooked.

  3. AR you ready to see the world in a whole new way?

  4. I had a job interview in VR. It was a total virtual-reality check.

  5. XRcise in VR is great until you bump into reality.

  6. I tried meditating in VR. It was an out-of-body, inside-the-headset experience.

  7. They said VR would be big, but I didn't realize it would be this immersive.

  8. VR gaming is so immersive, I almost forgot to eat. Almost.

  9. When AR artists get together, do they have augmented reality shows?

  10. I wanted to decorate my house with AR, but my furniture kept disappearing.

  11. XR you going to join the virtual revolution or stay in the past?

  12. My VR headset is a window to other worlds – and occasionally a head-bumper.

  13. In VR, you can climb Everest in shorts. Just watch out for virtual frostbite.

  14. AR dating: where ghosting is just a glitch in the system.

  15. Playing fetch with my virtual dog in VR. He's a bit pixelated, but he's got a mega-byte.

  16. I started an XR diet. I eat whatever I want and just pretend it's healthy.

  17. Tried yoga in VR. I was in another dimension of relaxation.

  18. In the world of AR, reality checks are not accepted.

  19. VR might make you feel like Superman, but remember, kryptonite isn't the only thing that can bring you down.

  20. AR makes everything look better, except when it accidentally puts a moustache on your boss.

  21. In VR, every day is an adventure. Just don't trip over the cat.

  22. My virtual reality garden is blooming. Too bad I can't smell the roses.

  23. Lost in VR: A tale of a gamer who found another level of procrastination.

  24. Cooking in AR: where the food always looks good but you can't taste it.

  25. I asked for directions in AR. Ended up taking a virtual left turn into my living room.

  26. VR workouts: where you can run a marathon without taking a step outside.

  27. Ever tried VR horror games? They're a scream.

  28. I attended a concert in VR. Best seat in the house, because I chose the view.

  29. AR fashion shows are great. You can wear the clothes without worrying about the fit.

  30. Exploring ancient ruins in VR – it's like being an archaeologist, minus the dirt.

I warned you…

So there you have it, perhaps the most compelling case for the need for AI regulation ever composed. It’s somewhat comforting to know that the machines haven’t figured out how to be funny yet, because the day they do, it might be over for us.

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