The Multiverse's Favourite Leisure Destination

The Island



Swap the grey streets of London and Birmingham for a virtual island paradise.

A ticket to our flagship destination lets you and your companions create your new virtual selves before blasting off to a private island, where you can discover sixteen of the best VR games and experiences in the multiverse - together.



Explore a Virtual Theme Park packed with portals to VR's best games and experiences.

Party on a beach, take selfies at a quaint country funfair, or play with penguins in the snow as you discover in-world portals to a diverse spectrum of realities.

From award-winning games to immersive experiences from leading international studios, The Island is sure to delight even the most discerning adventurers.

Bespoke avatars made easy


Snap a selfie and our app creates your virtual personas in seconds.

All that's left for you to do is sip cocktails in the Departure Lounge while you dig through the wardrobe - or the fancy dress box - and get the whole crew looking just right.

Whether you're dressing to impress or suit up for an inter-galactic adventure, The Island is the luxury virtual destination where you can really be yourselves.

Spend your points IRL

Virtual currency, real value

Check your app when you return to the real world: You’ve earnt DreamCoin to spend on drinks and snacks in the Departure Lounge.

Every point scored, VR experience discovered, and zombie killed adds to your DreamCoin riches and pushes you up the competitive leaderboards. Be a gracious champion and buy the next round with your newfound wealth. The real win is to celebrate with friends.

our games and experiences

Choose your adventure

Shooters, puzzles, horrors, weird looking rabbits - the Island has it all.

Whether you're a VR pro or a total newbie, a solo player or part of a group, you'll be sure to find an experience for you.

And with our skilled team of explorers relentlessly searching the multiverse for the latest and greatest new realities, you'll always have a reason to come back for more.