The world-famous animatronic company comes to VR

Five Nights At Freddy's

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Need a summer job? Fancy a career change? Fazbear Entertainment is hiring!

This is a masterclass in suspense that offers the most tense and powerful scares you can find in a VR headset - UploadVR

Take on the role of an after-hours security guard and choose from a selection of classic levels and original mini-games from the hit franchise.

Meet Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy up close, along with a host of other fan-favourite characters in a range of iconic locations.

But don't worry, they're friendly... most of the time... sometimes... occassionally... actually, it's probably best to just avoid them.

Easily the best horror experience for VR - Aupathix (Steam user)

Perform maintenance, keep an eye on the cameras but most importantly, don't get caught!

Experience the horror of the night shift, completely remastered for VR.

A humorous, but deeply unsettling experience - Playstation Universe

Genuinely terrifying. - Scream (Steam user)

Warning: Not suitable for those who are pregnant or suffer from an underlying heart condition - please speak with a member staff before playing for more information

This game keeps making me come back even though it scares me to death. - Bassoon (Steam user)

Disclaimer: The Dream Corporation Ltd. takes no responsibility for soiled underwear, nightmares and/or lifelong trauma relating to animatronics.

Play at your own peril.

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