Unrivalled realism, unparalleled exploration.

Kayak VR: Mirage

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Raindance Film Festival 2022 Nominee

Race, roam or relax, as Kayak VR: Mirage transports you to the world’s most scenic waterways.

Paddle with orcas in Antarctica, feel the waves ripple beneath you in Costa Rica, or unwind on the coast of Bjørnøya as the Northern Lights dance in the night sky overhead.

Experience the open water in a variety of weather conditions, without getting wet!

I’ve rarely felt this relaxed in VR... a great way to de-stress. — Upload VR

Feel like a challenge? Float over to Time Trials to put your boating abilities to the test. Compete against your friends, perfect your paddling technique and climb global leaderboards!

A VR experience that everybody should play. — PlayStation Universe

A testament to the immersive potential of Virtual Reality, come and experience the most life-like graphics gaming has to offer.

Check out the reviews for Kayak VR below:

A visceral experience that delivers everything but the spray of water in your face. — Gaming Nexus

Hands down one of the most beautiful VR games out there. — DesertWalrus (Steam User)

This game wasn’t made for VR. VR was made for this game! — RoyTT (Steam User)

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