High speed multiplayer mayhem

Hyper Dash

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Grind your way to victory in this fast paced Sci-Fi VR shooter

You are a high tech battle-android armed with dual pistols, unlimited ammunition and a way too much energy!

Run, skate and teleport around a plethora of futuristic maps with up to 9 other players, collecting a vast array of advanced weapons and power-ups along the way, in hyper immersive, high octane combat.

"This game is THE best arena shooter in VR." - null (Steam User)

Take to the field of battle in teams of up to 5, vying for victory in a variety of game modes inspired by iconic shooters like Halo, Overwatch and Call Of Duty.

Or go solo in the free-for-all mode and ascend to champion status among your friends!

Spin, crouch, skid, but most importantly, don't stop shooting!

Check out some Hyper Dash reviews below:

Absolutely astounding" 6DOF

You don't want to miss this one" - UploadVR

"This is one of those VR games where you think you only played for 15 minutes and then you realize it has actually been two hours." - Tevon (Steam User)

"Probably the best multiplayer VR game at the moment." - DirtyBirdz (Steam User)

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