So anyway, I started blasting...


Key facts

Maximum players
Steam rating


Duck, dodge & weave in this ultra competitive duelling experience

Choose your loadout, step into the arena and get ready to become the greatest gunslinger the Ozo lounge has ever seen!

Play alone against unforgiving AI or compete head-to-head against your friends in thrilling 1v1 gameplay.

With a vast arsenal of guns and explosives at your disposal, and completely customisable avatars, you're sure to find a way to play that suits you!

"11/10... My knees were not ready" — Cherrypopins (Steam user)

Featuring intuitive full body movement and accurate head tracking, so that every move you make is reflected in-game. The only things standing between you and victory are your own two feet, and a hailstorm of bullets!

Do you have what it takes to become #1?

Check out the reviews for Blaston below:

"Amazing, a must have" - RODSQUARE (Steam User)

"One of the most polished VR games you'll find out there" - johndotpizza (Steam User)

"Absolutely awesome! I love it" - EvilShuckle (Steam User)

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