The Best VR Games for a Date Night

A virtual reality date night experience can be a great change of pace from the usual dinner & drinks.

Offering a fun and unique escape from the mundanity of day to day life, VR can transport you to distant worlds and let you live out your wildest fantasies, all from the comfort and safety of a headset!

It also provides the opportunity to see how your partner handles a variety of situations, whether you want to see how good of a chef they really are, or how they'd handle a zombie apocalypse.

So what should you try on your next VR date at OTHERWORLD? Read on to find out!


Relationships can be stressful sometimes, but it's important to remember that you're a team.

Put your compatibility to the test with our favourite VR Cooking Simulator, and see how your tempers hold as the kitchen heats up and the order begin to fly in.

And of course, if you need to relieve some stress, you can always throw a virtual onion at them!

Synth Riders

Put your dancing abilities to the test with the most immersive VR rhythm game out there!

Finally settle the debate on who has better moves with our neon-drenched disco experience. After all, it's important to know who should be leading during your next slow dance!

Arizona Sunshine

Perhaps the true test of the strength of your relationship…

Before you decide to spend your life with someone, you need to know how they would handle a zombie apocalypse.

Do they have the survival instincts necessary to keep you both safe, or will you need to be the hero?

Drop into our favourite VR zombie shooter to find out, and venture through the expanse of the sonoran desert in search of other survivors with nothing but your trusty pistol and eachother to depend on!


And finally, if you've got some squabbles to settle, Blaston is the VR experience for you!

Step into the arena and face off in the best gunslinging game virtual reality has to offer.

Dodge, duck and weave as you use the wide arsenal of weapons available to blast each other to bits as the crowd roars around you.

Or make it interesting - winner washes all of the dishes for a month?

A match made in heaven!

If you can make it through all of the VR experiences above, you can make it through anything!

If you're looking for a unique and enjoyable date night in London or Birmingham, OTHERWORLD is definitely the place for you!

Want to give 'em a go?

Book in now to experience it for yourself.

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