Arizona Sunshine

Band together with your friends & survive a zombie apocalypse!

An Intense multiplayer VR Zombie Experience

One of the best VR Zombie games on the market - tell tale signs that groups are enjoying this game are the screams coming from the immersion rooms.

"10/10 would laugh at a friends suffering again." — Xenophon (Steam user)

If you like your scary VR games, this rival to Call of Duty Zombies is an action packed and explosive VR first person shooter with more than enough jump scares to keep you on your toes.

Find yourself plunged into the American South-West during a zombie apocalypse, with nothing but a gun in your hands and sweat on your brow.

Check out the Arizona Sunshine reviews below:

“The Best VR Zombie Shooter Yet” — Upload VR
"Stand your ground? Not an option. You better run, run, run!" — FurryEd (Steam user)
“A well-crafted rip-roaring thrill ride of death and mayhem in Virtual Reality.” — Pocket-lint