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Arizona Sunshine

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An Intense Multiplayer VR Zombie Experience

Ever wondered how Call Of Duty: Zombies in VR would feel?

Arizona Sunshine is here to show you!

Grab up to 3 friends and drop deep into the American South-West during a zombie apocalypse.

Equipped with nothing but the gun in your hand and the sweat on your brow, battle waves of the infected in hyper immersive, multi-sensory Virtual Reality.

"10/10 would laugh at a friends suffering again." — Xenophon (Steam user)

Work together to find keys, upgrade your weapons and escape before you're overrun by hordes of the undead!

With unlimited ammo and an infinitely hungry mob of flesh-chomping corpses standing in your way, the only thing you need to worry about is aiming for the head!

OTHERWORLD's most popular VR experience

If you're looking for a deeper narrative experience, grab a friend and head into the campaign, where you'll make your way through abandoned homes, tunnels and mines deep in the Sonoran desert on your mission to find other survivors.

With hours worth of story content available, an insane number of weapons at your disposal and enough bad puns to make even your dad cringe, Arizona Sunshine is sure to deliver an unforgettable Zombie shooting VR experience!

So get your cowboy boots on, pack a water bottle and get to blastin'!

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"Stand your ground? Not an option. You better run, run, run!" - FurryEd (Steam user)

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