Where's the lamb sauce?


Key facts

Maximum players
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Get your apron on, it's opening time!

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is a wacky and whimsical VR simulator that challenges up to four players to work together to keep the orders coming for the hungry residents of an enchanted forest.

"... offers up everything that I could ask for in an immersive VR experience." – TheGamer

Featuring a host of fully customisable avatars, ensorcelled equipment and potent potions, you'll be tasked with ensuring that the restaurant stays open.

Chop vegetables, extinguish fires, wash dishes, and keep the raccoons out!

As the orders pile up and tensions (& voices) start to rise, will you be able to keep cool, and most importantly, keep your customers happy?

Disclaimer: OTHERWORLD is not liable for any friendships ruined as a result of this cooking simulator. If necessary, please report to the bar post-shift for a relaxing drink to unwind.

Check out the reviews for Cook-Out below:

All the ingredients for a good time in VR" - Upload VR

It’s a simple concept that leads to some absolutely bonkers gameplay." – Gaming Trend

Cook-Out is the most multiplayer fun I've had" - 6DOF

This is the kind of social videogame Oculus Quest was made for." – VRFocus

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