Master the way of Juice Jitsu

Fruit Ninja

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The juiciest, most action-packed burst of fruit-slicing fun is here!

Re-imagined by the immersive power of Virtual Reality, Fruit Ninja VR brings you closer to the action than ever before.

Hone your ninja skills in the courtyard of a Japanese Temple, slicing, juggling and skewering your way through a flurry of fruit, while avoiding the bombs being chucked at you!

There's no raisin not to give it a try! (get it?...please?)

Our favourite VR game for beginners!

Compete against your friends for high scores in four diverse and exciting modes from the original hit game:

Classic - The classic gameplay you know and love! You have 3 lives, make them count!

Arcade - Pure mayhem. Slash your way to victory and score insane combos!

Zen - A more ‘relaxing’ experience to hone your skills. Practice makes perfect!

Survival - Put your reflexes to the test and prove yourself as a true master of the blade!

Do you have what it takes?

Don't just take our word for it, check out some of the reviews from other people who think it's grape too! (No?... Too much?)

I sliced a flying banana irl with a real katana but it wasn't as satisfying as the fruit ninja vr experience (true story)" - rlaclWlro (Steam user)

One of VR’s most addictive games" - Upload VR

My marriage was falling apart until this experience came into our lives." - HeSheWumbo (Steam user)

Orange you glad that you scrolled down this far? (I promise that was the last one... for now)

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