5 Exciting Upcoming VR Games

2024 is set to be a great year for VR, with plenty of new games on the horizon from world-leading studios & huge IPs. Here are 5 of the VR experiences we’re most excited to get our hands on!

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable

From the little-known Japanese studio, UNIVRS. inc , AOT: Unbreakable will allow players to enlist in the Scout Regiment and battle to save humanity from the Titan threat. Utilising their proprietary ‘anti-motion sickness technology’, UNIVRS promises to allow users to make use of the ODM gear from the series, and soar through the streets of Shiganshina with a friend as they look to complete missions alongside their favourite characters.

Though originally slated for a late 2023 release, unknown complications have lead to a year-long delay, leaving fans hanging a little longer.

Metro Awakening VR

Written by the creator of the original series; Dmitry Glukhovsky, the award winning Metro series comes to VR. Brought to life by the expert team at Vertigo Games (Arizona Sunshine, Space Pirate Trainer), players will take on the role of Serdar, a doctor forced to delve into a post-nuclear subterranean world in search of a cure for his wife’s mysterious illness. With limited resources, dangerous levels of radiation and hordes of vicious mutants in the way, players will be forced to make tough decisions to survive as they brave the darkness.

With an equally dedicated fanbase and a wealth of lore behind it, Metro Awakening has the potential to rival Half Life: Alyx’s impact on the gaming industry. But with no fixed release date in sight, we can only hope that the team at Vertigo handle the IP with the same care as all of their other titles.

The Pirate Queen

From industry up & comer; Singer Studios, The Pirate Queen offers a rich, immersive narrative journey detailing the life of the legendary Sheng Chih.

Voiced by Hollywood Icon Lucy Liu, the experience follows the story of the Pirate Queen’s ascent, taking players through a series of visually stunning stylised environments, augmented by carefully assembled atmospheric sound design.

Having already won awards at Raindance (2023) and Tribeca (2021), the 1-4 hour VR experience will only continue to expand on Sheng Chih’s story, with plans for a graphic novel, film and TV series already set in motion.


Skydance Interactive’s Behemoth, slated for a late 2024 release, promises to deliver new levels of visceral immersion at an unfathomable scale. Though very little information has been released, everything we know suggests similarities to gaming classics like Skyrim and Monster Hunter, placing players in the shoes of a diseased warrior tasked with exploring and battling the colossal inhabitants of a frozen wasteland.

With weighty, physics based combat, no doubt drawing on the mechanics found in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, it will certainly be interesting to see how players will be expected to take on the titanic enemy types spotted in the trailer.

Taskmaster VR

The hit TV show arrives in virtual reality. Voiced by the iconic Greg Davies, Taskmaster VR will give players the chance to participate in a variety of unique tasks inspired by the Channel 4 series, supervised over by the ever-present Alex Horne.

With a heap of challenges, each with plenty of different solutions, Task Master VR hopes to make its mark on the puzzle game genre. Though a singleplayer only title, separating it from similarly chaotic party games like Loco Dojo, the promise of complete freedom to come up with your own entirely unique solutions makes us incredibly excited to give it a try & flex our problem solving muscles.

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