5 Of The Most Underrated VR Games

We like to consider ourselves VR experts here at OTHERWORLD. Connoisseurs of content, if you will. Having played hundreds of VR games, we like to think we know our stuff when it comes to telling good from bad.

Our Island features hand-picked selection of some of the best VR experiences available across a broad range of genres, so it’s only natural for some of the more niche stuff to slip through the cracks sometimes. Typically, visitors opt for the more action-packed experiences, our Zombie Game; Arizona Sunshine, being the most popular. But we have plenty of other experiences available for those who want something a little different.

So without further a do, here’s a list of some of the most underrated VR games we offer:

1. Windlands 2

A multiplayer tree-swinging experience like no other.

Journey to the Windlands with up to 3 friends, and traverse a mysterious new world under threat from an ancient enemy. Encounter strange characters, battle colossal mechs, and soar through the trees with your trusty grappling hook as you fight to liberate the Windlands.

A house favourite here at OTHERWORLD, Windlands offers up an adrenaline fuelled adventure reminiscent of our favourite early 2000s games. We definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to truly feel the thrill of flying VR.

2. Fujii

A peaceful exploratory experience from California based Funktronic Labs. Embark on a journey through a world of colour and light, solving puzzles under the guidance of an adorable garden fairy.

Fujii is a slow, simple experience for those who simply want to enjoy the beauty of VR.

3. Superhot

The multi-award winning VR experience has been a staple at OTHERWORLD from day one, with a unique approach to the action genre that places players on control of time itself as they battle faceless waves of weapon-wielding enemies.

Superhot is a great solo experience which masterfully manipulates players perceptions of reality, with an incredibly addicting gameplay loop that can keep you fighting for hours.

4. Ultimechs

From Resolution Games, the masterminds that brought you Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale & Blaston, Ultimechs bring the chaos of Rocket League to Virtual Reality. The high-octane VR experience places players in control of advanced mech suits as they attempt to outscore opponents and avoid being blasted by rockets.

A great high energy experience for anyone who wants some healthy competition and to work up a slight sweat, but isn’t in the mood for violence.

5. Half Life: Alyx

One of, if not the best VR games of all time. The prequel to the pioneering Half Life series perfectly exemplifies VR’s ability to create deep, complex immersive experiences with gripping storylines and beautifully crafted atmospheric sound and level design. With a runtime of around 12 hours, Half-Life: Alyx will likely take a few visits to complete in its entirety, but even just a quick trip through the Quarantine Zone is sure to leave VR pros and newbies alike in awe.

So there you have it, our choices for the five most underrated VR games at OTHERWORLD. If you’re in need of something different during your next visit to one of our locations, we’d definitely recommend giving some of these a go!

Want to give it a go?

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