How To Play: Synth Riders

If you’ve ever felt that life wasn’t colourful enough, or that the mundane sound of your day to day life just isn’t able to scratch that primal itch for thundering bass that reverberates through your bones, Synth Riders might be the experience for you!

A stunning virtual reality experience reminiscent of an 80s LSD induced fever dream, Synth Riders takes you on a neon-drenched musical journey through the cyber-verse, soundtracked by some of your favourite artist’s top hits and masterfully augmented by OTHERWORLD’s dynamic tactile audio technology!

So how should you make the most of this experience? And what’s the key to securing that high score and all-important bragging rights over your friends, date or colleagues?

Read on to learn our tips and tricks for hitting every note!

Follow the light

Your main objective in Synth Riders is to catch the colourful orbs the zooming towards you in time with the music.

Once the game begins, you’ll find that each of your hands has been assigned a colour (Pink & Blue). To score points, simply move your hands to catch the corresponding colours that float past.

You may occasionally encounter a yellow orb, to secure the maximum points for this, simply bring both of your hands together.

Position is everything

Don’t be fooled, Synth Riders will get your heart rate up.

To climb the leaderboard, you’ll need to catch as many notes as possible in quick succession, reaching high and low to catch them as they fly by at ridiculous speeds. While this amounts to an incredible shoulder workout, it’s also important to stay on balance to ensure that you can reach all of the notes without jumping around too much.

So when you load into a round, take a second to get into a comfortable, centralised stance with your knees slightly bent at shoulder width apart - then relax, and let the points come to you!

Combos are king

You can double or even triple your score with a multiplier bonus, simply by getting successive accurate catches.

Try and hit each ball as close to the center as possible, but prioritise getting as many accurate touches as your stamina allows. A few extra waves of the arm could be the difference between winning and losing!

Time to get groovy!

Follow the advice above and you’ll be topping scoreboards in no time, just make sure not to gloat too hard - remember, the most important thing is having fun!

Want to give it a go?

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