Hoxton Spirits At OTHERWORLD

Hoxton Spirits have arrived.

Available exclusively at OTHERWORLD Hackney, the unapologetically expressive cocktail company has landed at our East London Departure Lounge, bringing the most innovative natural flavours to our eclectic menu.

In partnership with our in-house team of master mixologists, the alcohol artisans at Hoxton Spirits have crafted a bespoke menu of drinks for our original London VR venue, combining classic recipes with a healthy serving of cockney charm to create a bold and innovative series of tastes sure to satisfy even the pickiest of palates.

Read on to take a look through some of the sexiest cocktails this side of Central London and decide ahead of time what you'd like to tumble down the sink.

Hoxton Dry Gin

The epitome of classic gin with a modern twist, made with a delicate blend of real fruit and natural flavours.

Leading with the traditional juniper flavour, it's expertly balanced with grapefruit, ginger, orris root and tarragon.

Find it front and center in the Hoxton Collins, Honeycombe & Gina Collada available on site

Hoxton Spiced Whiskey

The disruptor the whisky category has been waiting for.

Designed for new whiskey drinks & flavour explorers alike with a blend of the finest scotch whiskies and a base spirit of 3 year aged scotch mixed using fruit and spices.

Featured in the Hoxton Godmother, Coffee Martini & Irish Coffee.

Hoxton Banana Rum Macerated

A unique blend of up to 7 year aged rums from the heart of the Caribbean, infused with both fresh and dried bananas over a 5 week maceration period.

The result; a deeply complex rum bursting with tropical flavours.

Served up in our perfectly sweetened Banana Daiquiri

Hoxton Pink Gin

A unique and refreshing twist on the classic pink gin, perfect for those looking for a new and exciting gustatory experience.

Crafted 'Old Tom' style with a carefully balanced blend of botanicals that have been selected to create a harmonious flavour profile.

Available in our Pink Gin Bramble

Hoxton Tropical Gin

Created in 2012 as Hoxton's flagship spirit, this gin confidently breaks from juniper-dominated tradition.

Set apart with a palate coating rich, creamy texture, and brought to life with a refreshing, zesty grapefruit kick, this tropical twist on the classic lands right on the bees & honey.

Straight Up

If you want to get Scottish Mist a little quicker with no frills attached, order direct from the bar, and enjoy each carefully crafted blend in its purest form.

Head over to the Hoxton Spirits Website for more info!


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