Music in VR

As virtual reality’s reach into the wider entertainment industry lengthens, the concept of VR concerts has emerged as a new & exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of immersion, giving fans the opportunity to engage with their favourite artists in brand new ways.

Inspired in part by pioneering virtual shows in games like Fortnite, where artists like Travis Scott, Marshmello and Eminem performed in exclusive in-game events, drawing millions of viewers into an immersive audio-visual experience that transcended traditional live performances, there has been a rapid increase in high profile artists looking to establish a foothold in the digital world.

One company looking to take advantage of the sudden excitement, is Amaze VR.

Partnering with billboard leading artists, and offering meticulously produced VR concerts that allow fans to enjoy performances as if they were in the front row, AmazeVR has taken the industry by storm.

Their platform, dedicated to bringing unique concert experiences to VR, complete with tailored 3D environments and reactive lighting, enables users to feel an unparalleled sense of presence and connection with the music and the artists. Through high-quality, 360-degree video, Amaze VR captures the essence of live performances with an added layer of intimacy and scale, making it immediately accessible to a global audience without the limitations of physical location.

Music in Gaming?

Some artists have also attempted to establish a foothold in the VR industry in other ways. Rhythm games such a Beat Saber, Pistol Whipped & Synth Riders have all made waves in the gaming ecosystem, becoming staples of the medium through their combination of simple, intuitive controls with challenging and colourful levels.

These games, as a result of their reliance on a steady stream of upbeat musical content, have offered the perfect ground for bands like Muse and Gorillaz to plant their flags as they venture deeper into the metaverse. Synth Riders in particular, developed by Kluge Interactive, have ramped up their partnership efforts over the past year, securing tracks from award winning artists like Bruno Mars and Maddison Beer, highlighting just how much faith VR has grown over the past few years.

The willingness of studios and high-profile celebrities to work together, even minimally, is a great sign for the VR industry. The emergence of concerts in VR, no doubt catalysed by Fortnite's pioneering events, points to a future where live music is more accessible, interactive, and engaging. These developments not only offer new possibilities for artists to connect with their audience but also for fans to experience music in a completely new way. As the technology evolves, VR concerts could become a staple of how we experience live music, bringing the magic of performances into our homes and creating shared experiences that were previously impossible.

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