Onward VR Tips & Tricks

One of VR’s best shooters has finally arrived at OTHERWORLD, transporting you from the grey streets of London or Birmingham to the most intense War zones the multi-verse has to offer.

Inspired by legendary titles like Call Of Duty and Battlefield, the hyper-realistic shooter places you in the boots of the modern infantryman, giving you the opportunity to wield a variety of familiar weapons, explosives and equipment across a variety of maps as you face off against both your friends and unforgiving waves of enemy NPCs.

But make no mistake, Onward is no walk in the park.

Seasoned VR veterans and console gamers alike can struggle to complete the range of in-game objectives, often being overwhelmed by the sheer number of surprisingly deadly enemy forces.

So just how should you approach each mission? And what are some of the key things to focus on to ensure you aren’t on the receiving end of the dreaded ‘Mission Failed’ banner?

Read on to find out!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Enemy combatants in this game are not stupid. Once they’ve figured out where you are, they’ll work together to surround you before closing in for the kill. Make sure to coordinate with your squad-mates to ensure that every angle is covered.

Cover is your best friend

You may be surprised to hear that being shot isn’t fun.

While some of us may be used to playing games like Halo or Doom, wherein you take on the role of a genetically modified super soldier capable of shrugging off shotgun rounds from point blank, Onward makes you feel very… ordinary.

Fight the urge to rush head-first into combat, and make sure to keep your body concealed as you return fire.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight…

With four distinct classes, each offering their own unique perks and equipment, there’s plenty of customisation available for you and your team.

Make sure to pick weapons and gear that are fit for your objectives, whether that’s going in stealthy with a suppressed SMG, or bringing the thunder with a Light Machine Gun and grenades.

Sleight of hand

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough bullets in your gun. If you find yourself low on rounds as the enemy approaches, consider switching to your trusty side-arm rather than reloading your primary weapon. A lot of the time, this will be much quicker and will likely save you from an uncomfortably close encounter with an opposing combatant.

Let ‘em fly!

Guns aren’t the only way to play.

Use the wide variety lethal and tactical throwable explosives to get your squad out of a jam. Frag grenades are great for clearing rooms and forcing enemies out of cover, while flash grenades are perfect for stunning the enemy before you swoop in.

Take a minute before you deploy to browse the various equipment options - there are plenty to choose from!

Use both hands

This is more of a bonus point, as I believe it should go without saying, but use both hands to hold your weapon (Not like that…)

Using your other hand to stabilise the front of your gun will reduce recoil and make it easier to hit your intended target, saving you precious bullets and allowing you to become the action hero you’ve always dreamed of being!

Ready to go?

Your training is complete and you’re ready to ship out. Remember all of the points covered above and you might just make it through your first firefight!

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