Everyone loves to be in-the-know.

Part of that special club of people who have all the info, elevating you above the commoners and firmly placing you among the ranks of the intellectual elite.

Whether it’s KFC’s infamous Poutine or the Old Compton Brasserie’s fiendish Caviar Fried Chicken (terrifying right?), secret menus have taken the internet by storm, granting those who do their research access to the food industry’s most exclusive offerings.

But the foodies aren’t the only ones who can have fun!

Fortunately for you, our Birmingham and London VR arcades also have a range of ‘under the table’ Virtual Reality experiences, accessible exclusively by special request.

These experiences can range from the weird and wonderful, to the downright exhilarating, offering you the chance to play some of the best VR games that just weren’t able to make the cut for our main lineup.

That certainly doesn’t mean to say that they aren’t incredible in their own right, just that they’re perhaps a little too niche for our mainstream audience.

Who knows, you might be among that special group of digital connoisseurs who are able to appreciate a great VR experience that doesn’t involve shooting zombies or blasting robots…. or maybe not...

The OTHERWORLD Secret Menu is constantly shifting, so we can’t make any promises about what you’ll find when you arrive on our virtual island resort, but read on to hear about some of the experiences we may or may not have available…


A Magical Gardening Adventure.

Collect seeds, solve puzzles and play with an adorable gnome we’ve affectionately named Constantine, as you attempt to bring the wonderful world around you to life and grow your dream garden.

“It seems like there are sounds, visuals, and haptics to everything you do, and it really helps make the world feel real and responsive around you. I can’t think of another game in VR that does this quite as well and as consistently as Fujii.” Ben Lang, Executive Editor - Road to VR

Masterfully manipulating our perception of light and shadow, the multi-award winning Fujii offers a meditative adventure unlike any other.

Tilt Brush

A Virtual Painting Experience.

Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, and let your space become a 3D playground for ideas. Harness the power of Virtual Reality to create unique patterns, vivid shapes and vibrant designs as you play with colour and light.

“Tilt Brush legitimately represents a new way of creating art. It transcends age and ability, yet also provides talented artists with a unique platform to showcase and even transform the way they create.” Doc Neal, Writer - 6DOF

Your room is your canvas, your possibilities are endless.

Just the beginning

Stay tuned for updates, we have plenty more VR games & experiences on the way - check in with our wonderful customer service or site teams to hear more!


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