A three-part virtual voyage across the miracle of nature

David Attenborough

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Frontier Closing

Journeys to the David Attenborough Immersive Anthology are complete. We look forward to sharing news about further New Frontiers in the weeks ahead.

For now, The Island is home to 16 fantastic VR experiences for you to explore.

A documentary like you’ve never seen before: true immersion in our world that goes way beyond staring at a telly screen.


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david attenborough immersive anthology

VR Film

Enter high-definition panoramic virtual reality and join David Attenborough on an awe-inspiring journey across the miracle of nature.

Voyage into the secret worlds of plants, insects and birds, bearing witness to the struggles of life in all corners of creation: From the earth, to the sky.

Guided by the definitive icon of British broadcasting - David Attenborough - this unforgettable tour of nature will leave travellers of all ages with a newfound awe and perspective of the world we inhabit.

an immersive nature documentary

get closer to nature

Encounter carnivorous flytraps, majestic butterflies and towering pterosaurs, brought to life by state-of-the-art macro cinematography techniques.

Feel wings beat and soil quake as award-winning spatial audio meets your Immersion Pod’s inimitable tactile bass technology.

the voyage of a lifetime

three epic episodes

Exclusively available for exhibition at OTHERWORLD, experience the multi-award winning Kingdom Of Plants, Micro Monsters, and Conquest of the Skies in a single epic anthology, casting the connections and contrasts of nature’s beasts and beauties into sharp relief.

Episode 1

Kingdom of Plants

Immerse yourself in the affairs of the flora in Kingdom Of Plants, and witness their resistance, sacrifice and resolve as they battle the intergenerational threat of extinction.

Follow the fungi as they spin intricate webs in the undergrowth, while the canopies above serve as courtrooms for the tenuous alliances forged against the aphids, and the dark dealings of the sundews are laid bare.

Plunge into a machiavellian game of domination and deceit, as the calculating genius of plants is brought to light.

Episode 2

Micro Monsters

Behold the complexities of the courtships, communities and conflicts of insects in the multi-award winning Micro Monsters, as you take a uniquely intimate look at the lives of the diminutive inhabitants of the hidden worlds beneath our feet.

Waltz with the scorpions at twilight, as the ants lay down their lives in service of the colony and the lonely butterfly patiently awaits her final form.

Tiny creatures take on gargantuan scale to become the heroes and villains in this anthropomorphic tale of romance, savagery and communal duty.

Episode 3

Conquest of the Skies

Traverse the ages and unearth the legend of flight in Conquest of the Skies; winner of the 2023 International Sound Awards.

Informed by the latest paleontological break-throughs, and faithfully recreated through the power of cutting-edge digital artistry, meet the first rulers of the heavens, and discover the labours that allowed their descendants to defy gravity and become the apex aerial predators of today.

limited time only

Frontier Closed

OTHERWORLD New Frontiers has now closed its route to this reality.

We look forward to sharing news about further New Frontiers soon.