Behind The Scenes: Guardians

A trip to OTHERWORLD is a magical experience from start to finish.

From the moment you walk into our futuristic departure lounges and throughout your journey into the multiverse, you’ll be looked after by our dedicated team of VR enthusiasts both virtually and in-person.

Our Allies, easily identifiable by their distinctive white robes, will be your stewards in the real world, while our remote team of Guardians will watch over you as you traverse the digital realm.

Based in our office just a short walk from our original London VR Experience; OTHERWORLD Hackney, our Guardian team is comprised of gaming and tech fanatics from a wide variety of backgrounds, united by their newfound love for all things Virtual Reality.

Whether it’s helping you figure out which of our VR games to play, or offering a hand with the controls, the Guardians are there to help at all times during your voyage through the multiverse.

So just who are the people behind the voices?

Read on to get a sneak peek behind the scenes and meet some of the stars who bring your VR experience to life.

Caitlin - Lead Guardian

The wonderful Caitlin joined OTHERWORLD in late 2021, ascending to the position of lead Guardian just a year later.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Game Design & (more importantly) over 1000 hours on Overwatch, Caitlin knows her stuff when it comes to gaming.

With her cheerful demeanour and endless patience, she’s an incredible role model for the team who’s always happy to lend a helping hand - whether it’s choosing a VR experience or figuring out where to hide from the zombies!

Key Info:

Favourite VR Game: Cook-Out

Favourite Drink: Haggerston Sour

Favourite Guest Question:

Are you an AI?

Musfik - Support Engineer

Starting at OTHERWORLD in the summer of 2022 on a part time basis while he completed his degree in Computer Science, Musfik has become an integral member of the Guardian team.

As a Support Engineer, he works behind the scenes to keep our VR tech running during service, as well as helping guests with any and all questions they might have. With an unparalleled understanding of all things digital and a heart of gold, our Spanish speaking computer savant is a constant ray of sunshine at OTHERWORLD.

Key Info:

Favourite VR Game: Fujii

Favourite Drink: Lychee Respawn

Most Memorable Guest Interaction:

Musfik -

I’m sending you to the Zombie Game now

Guest -

Thanks Mommy

Dylan - Guardian

Coming up on 2 years at OTHERWORLD, Dylan has become a staple of our Birmingham and London VR experiences.

When he isn’t serenading guests with his slightly out of tune renditions of Happy Birthday, you can find him trying out the latest and greatest VR Horror Experiences out there (much to the relief of our Content lead).

A true team player in every sense and a joy to be around, Dylan (Lovingly referred to as Dilly) is an expert on all things VR, and always happy to give pointers on how to secure the top spot on the leaderboard.

Key Info:

Favourite VR Game: Half Life: Alyx

Favourite Drink: Pixel Punch

Favourite Guest Interaction:

Young guest trying VR for the first time -

Are you my spirit guide?

James - Guardian

Recently completing a BA in Audio Production, James has been expertly guiding guests through the multiverse, alongside a range of other projects, for just over a year and a half.

With his quick wit and vast technical expertise, in addition to a wealth of knowledge of all things gaming and beyond, James is an irreplaceable part of the team who you can always find at the center of any good conversation, and always trust to speak his mind.

Key Info:

Favourite VR Game: Loco Dojo

Favourite Drink: Brain-_Danc3.exe

Favourite Guest Interaction:

A 12 year old boy upon arriving on our Virtual Resort -

This would be a lovely place to retire to…

Wise beyond his years

Check back soon to hear more, or head over to our careers page to get involved!


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