The 5 Best Singleplayer VR Experiences

While a group VR experience can be a fun and unique way to have some fun with friends or family, there are plenty of incredible singleplayer VR experiences out there.

From thought provoking narrative experiences to intricately designed simulators, there has never been a better time to step into and experience the depth of a fully immersive VR singleplayer game.

Here are our picks for some of the best solo VR experiences available out there:

Half Life Alyx

In a future where Earth has been conquered by an oppressive Alien collective; The Combine, you are humanity's last and only hope for survival.

Become Alyx Vance, member of the Anti-Combine resistance, on a mission to rescue your father and ensure the future of our world.

Battle your way through the ruins of City 17, solving puzzles and collecting a range of futuristic equipment as you piece together the mystery of the insidious forces working behind the scenes.


Burgers, Bullets and Broken Medical Infrastructure.

Collect a ridiculous array of weapons, snack on the finest fast foods the future has to offer, and avoid getting killed in this retro rogue-lite singleplayer shooter. Dodge, duck and weave as you blast your way through the evil M-Corp's headquarters on your mission to exact vengeance on the corporate overlords above!

Reminiscent of your favourite 90s and early 2000s arcade shooters, Compound takes you back to the golden age of gaming

Vertigo Remastered

Explore the world between worlds

Following a rip in space-time, you’re transported into an inter-dimensional holding facility for extra-terrestrial anomalies. With the help of a (mostly) friendly floating robot, use the various physics based tools and weapons to escape the facility and uncover the truth behind your abduction.

Overcome multi-verse hopping monsters, bumbling battle droids and portal-esque puzzles in this revolutionary VR experience.


Time manipulating madness

Shoot, slice and punch your way through 31 levels of reality-bending chaos as you attempt survive an onslaught of easily splintered enemies.

Winner of dozens of 'VR Game of the Year' awards, SUPERHOT VR is the product of more than three years of collaboration between Oculus and the original 2D development team, offering a unique take on the action genre and letting you take command of time itself.

Fruit Ninja VR

And finally, the early 2010s classic comes to VR

Perfect for players of all abilities, Fruit Ninja VR lets you step into the iconic Fruit Temple and take on a series of trials inspired by the original game across four distinct and uniquely challenging modes.

Slice and dice your way through heaps of fruit and avoid the bombs being thrown your way, as you look to take the top spot on the global leaderboards and secure eternal bragging rights!

Just the tip of the iceberg!

There are plenty of incredible solo VR experiences that didn’t quite make our top 5, but everyone’s preferences are different!

Take a look at the full list of solo and multiplayer VR games on our Island Page, and find the perfect virtual world for you to explore, whether alone or as a fun group activity.

Departing from London or Birmingham, step into the multiverse and embark on zombie blasting, tree-swinging, disco-dancing adventure!



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