The Best VR Games From The Last Decade

The 2010s were a landmark decade for virtual reality, bringing immersive experiences closer to gamers around the world. From zombie apocalypses to rhythmic lightsaber battles, let's dive into some of the decade's standout VR games that shaped the future of VR gaming.

Arizona Sunshine

Set against the vivid backdrop of a zombie-infested American Southwest, and characterised by intense gameplay and a ridiculous variety of weapons, "Arizona Sunshine" offers a gripping survival experience like no other. With two distinct game modes, Campaign & Survival, as well as a host of DLC content, it's a must-play for VR enthusiasts craving an action-packed adventure.

Job Simulator

"Job Simulator" turns mundane tasks into a hilariously engaging VR experience. It's a perfect introduction to VR for beginners, offering a light-hearted escape from your day to day corporate routine… kind of…

Half-Life: Alyx

Reviving the beloved franchise, "Half-Life: Alyx" sets a new standard for VR storytelling and gameplay. This award winning title is a testament to VR's potential to deliver deep, narrative-driven experiences, making it a staple at our London and Birmingham VR arcades.

Pistol Whip

Masterfully blending rhythm and action, "Pistol Whip" delivers an exhilarating high-octane VR experience . Placing players in the shoes of a high tech, bass blasting assassin, and sending them soaring through countless colourful levels, Pistol Whip perfectly exemplifies just how fun simplicity can be.

Beat Saber

Capitalising on our Jedi dreams, "Beat Saber" became synonymous with VR gaming. Combining music, rhythm, and movement in a mesmerising neon experience, it took the world by storm, becoming a staple at all OTHERWORLD’s VR arcades in London until Meta’s decision to pull it from commercial use.

Vertigo Remastered

Offering a blend of adventure and mystery, and drawing from the widespread appeal of Sci-fi comedy stories like Rick & Morty, "Vertigo Remastered" invites players to explore a bizarre and intriguing parallel world. Originally created by a lone developer before gaining Valve’s attention, its engaging narrative and thoroughly gameplay mechanics make it a compelling choice for VR enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Superhot VR

Having captivated players at our VR bars across London and Birmingham from day one, the genre defining title remains a staple to this day. "Superhot VR" redefines first-person shooters, fulfilling the millennial dream of stepping out of the matrix and granting players time-bending powers as they battle waves of faceless enemies.


Created by our friends at Resolution Games, "Cook-Out" spices up the VR gaming scene with its innovative take on cooperative cooking challenges. Inspired by gaming classics like Overcooked, the high energy kitchen conquering adventure is the perfect choice for VR first timers looking for a fun social challenge.

A Fisherman's Tale

Blending intricate puzzles and clever storytelling, "A Fisherman's Tale" offers a heartwarming and mind-bending narrative experience sure to leave players with a newfound appreciation of life. A departure from the typical action-packed adventures expected of VR, the award winning title masterfully immerses players in beautifully stylised environments which challenge their views of scale and perspective.

Blade and Sorcery

"Blade and Sorcery" stands as a hallmark in VR melee combat simulation, offering an unparalleled physics-driven combat system that invites players into a sandbox of medieval fantasy. Renowned for its realistic interactions and weapon handling, it provides a deeply immersive VR experience, perfect for those seeking the thrill of close-quarters combat in the virtual realms. Despite being nearly 6 years old, it’s still regarded as a staple of the medium, with content creators and fans across the globe flocking to explore the steady stream of updates and community mods that routinely transform the game.


The shining example of what a VR sandbox game should be, "Boneworks" showcases an innovative approach to VR gameplay, integrating advanced physics and environmental interactions to create a richly immersive narrative adventure. Its detailed mechanics and open-ended puzzles offer a unique blend of challenge and exploration, appealing to VR enthusiasts in search of a deep, engaging VR experience.

So there you have it, our choices of the best and most important VR experiences of the 2010s. While there are certainly others who played hugely important roles, these games not only pushed the boundaries of VR gaming but also showcased the medium's vast potential for diverse and immersive experiences. As we look back, it's clear that these titles have left an indelible mark on the VR landscape, and we cant wait to see what more their creators have to offer to the industry!

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