The 5 Top VR Studios

VR gaming has improved massively over the last decade, with a handful of studios leading the charge when it comes to creating unforgettable immersive experiences. From intense multiplayer battlegrounds, to powerful stories, we’ve hand-picked a collection of companies who we believe have made a massive impact on the industry.

Vertigo Games

Vertigo Games has been at the forefront of VR development since 2008. Captivating audiences with hits like "Arizona Sunshine” and “A Fisherman’s Tale”, the Amsterdam based developer and publisher has become well-known for their commitment to quality and innovation. The multi-award winning studio is no stranger to success, and with a host of new games on the way, are showing no signs of slowing down!


Established in 2013, the US based company quickly made its mark on the industry with high-octane experiences "Creed: Rise To Glory" and "Sprint Vector." Staples of the early VR scene, their titles pushed the boundaries of what was possible, redefining norms and pioneering new methods of digital interaction. Their dedication to innovation has made Survios synonymous with cutting-edge VR experiences, and though recent years have shown a slight decline in output, we’re excited to see what the future holds for them!

Resolution Games

Since 2015, Resolution has focused on making VR accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With family-friendly games like ‘Cook-Out” and “Blaston!” they've succeeded in broadening the medium’s appeal, transforming perceptions and leading a departure from the first person shooters that characterised the early virtual reality gaming ecosystem. Recent releases like ‘Ultimechs’ and ‘Racket Club’ have only reinforced this position, drawing inspiration from gaming classics like ‘Rocket League’ and ‘Wii Sports’.

Stress Level Zero

Known for their ground-breaking sandbox experience; Boneworks, Stress Level Zero has been a pioneer in the immersive industry for years. Focused on creating new and intricate experiences featuring incredibly detailed interactions and physics, their work has consistently proven just how real an experience VR can deliver. A relatively secretive studio with a very limited social media presence, we can only speculate as to what they create next, but with the recent rise of haptic technology and given their impressive resumé, you can be sure that it’ll strive to push the boundaries of immersion.


The Seattle based studio made a memorable debut in 2016 with the multi-award winning "Moss”. Taking a new approach to VR which challenged traditional rules of perspective, the innovative title caught the attention of technology and gaming festivals worldwide, collecting over 20 nominations for various awards between 2018-19, and winning around a quarter of them. The ever-innovative studio recently released a spin-off of their flagship title; Moss: Glassbreakers, once again bending the rules of the industry to create a unique tabletop experience which has thus far been received incredibly well both critically and commercially.


Since 1996, Valve has been pivotal in the development of industry leading VR content and technology. Having established the world’s biggest game distribution service; Steam, home to a huge portion of the VR experiences available on the market today, their impact extends beyond comparison. "Half-Life: Alyx" stands as the truest example of their dedication to quality, setting new precedents for quality and immersion in gaming as a whole. The award winning title redefined virtual reality, and is still widely regarded as one of the most influential video games of all time.

While there has been no news of any future VR gaming releases, Valve remains committed to furthering the industry through the creation of innovative hardware and software which will continue to blur the lines between real life and the digital world.

The VR industry’s growth is dependent on innovation and creativity. While it remains in the early stages of adoption, it’s essential for creators to have faith in the growth of the medium, but also for consumers to continue to support studios as they grow and develop. These studios aren’t just creating games and hardware; they're crafting the future of virtual interaction and entertainment. As VR continues to evolve, the contributions of these pioneers will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping its trajectory. With each studio's upcoming projects eagerly anticipated, the future of VR looks brighter and more immersive than ever.

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