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Whether you’re on a date, catching up with friends, or out with work, celebrate Christmas this year at OTHERWORLD by taking a journey to our beautiful island resort, a world of richly-themed lands home to 16 uniquely curated VR experiences.

But, for a limited time only from November 27th, the tropical island will be transformed and the weather forecast says snow!

What’s more, in December guests earn Double DreamCoin, our in-world virtual currency that can be used on discounts for real-world drinks!

Winter is here

Winter has arrived in OTHERWORLD! Indulge in Christmas festivities in Ghoston Gala, our wintery, quaint village overrun by penguins and home to nostalgic mini-games! Thanks to our 4D technology, you’ll really feel the winter wind in your hair and the quake of a new world beneath your feet as you step into our snow-covered Christmas village.

As a special Christmas gift for you - his beloved Guests, our esteemed founder, President, and Creator of OTHERWORLD - Dr. Horatio Sands - has scattered extra festive DreamCoin across the snow-dusted Resort.

Beyond the island, a range of adventures awaits. You can battle the zombie apocalypse deep in Arizona, swing from tree to tree and discover the secrets of the ancients, and drive huge war machines into battle. Or why not take a group of mates and blow each other to smithereens?

This is the most festive I have felt all year!

OMG! The candy canes!!!

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Emerge at the center of OTHERWORLD, a virtual island paradise, with portals to sixteen unforgettable experiences.

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