Virtual Reality in London


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From our London-based portal

Depart from the capital via our East and West London terminals, located in Hackney and Victoria.

Step into your own private immersion pod, featuring dynamic heat, wind and rumble effects, and explore a digital theme park, home to 16 of the world's best VR games and experiences.

Explore distant planets, battle ancient evils and shoot zombies at London's most immersive multi-sensory VR experience.

Help yourself to drinks

And relax in style

Both Victoria and Hackney offer a range delicious beers, wines and cocktails from your favourite brands and innovative up-and-comers.

Explore Victoria's 10-tap self-serve drinks wall, featuring Peroni, Asahi and a selection of cocktails from Blacklines.

Departing from Hackney? Our dedicated drinksmiths can fix you a cocktail from our diverse menu - or conjure up something new just for you!

Not travelling? No problem.

Our bars are free to visit at any time so pop in, order a drink, and enjoy the light show.

explore at your leisure

The Island


Explore a world of VR adventures at the multiverse’s favourite leisure destination.

Swing through the trees, cook up a storm, relax in a kayak, or battle the hordes in a zombie apocalypse; the choice is yours.

The Island's 16 games and experiences have been carefully curated to ensure there's a reality for everyone. And your expert Guardian will always make sure you find it.

AN Exclusive New Frontier

David Attenborough

Immersive Anthology

VR Film

A three-part immersive journey with David Attenborough. Enter virtual reality and embark on the voyage of a lifetime through the secret worlds of plants, insects and birds.

Available at OTHERWORLD for a limited time only, experience the multi-award winning Kingdom Of Plants, Micro Monsters, and Conquest of the Skies in a single epic anthology, casting the connections and contrasts of nature’s beasts and beauties into sharp relief.

On your journey from the earth’s murky depths to the clouds of the sky, you’ll witness first-hand the creed by which all creatures exist, regardless of their shape or size: The pursuit of survival, no matter the odds.

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OTHERWORLD Victoria: 85 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0QJ

OTHERWORLD Hackney: 336 Acton Mews, Haggerston, Hackney E8 4EA

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Nearest station: Haggerston Overground


Nearest stations: Victoria (Underground and National Rail)