Frequently asked questions

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What is Otherworld?
what is it, can you explain otherworld, what do you do here? what are you?
How much does it cost?
price cost amount prices
How long is the experience?
does it last,
Is there an age limit?
children kids teenager toddler child minimum age
Can I play with my friends?
see communicate
When should I arrive?
get there, prior, arrival, before
What happens if I'm late for my booking?
im running late, I'm running late, im late, lateness, going to be late
Can I change my booking to another time?
can I move my booking? change date, move booking, change time,
Is there on-site parking?
car park carpark
Do you serve food?
food meals catering
How does it work for big groups?
group booking, groups, team, friends, group corporate party parties birthday birthdays leaving do
Is the experience suitable for just two people?
date, friends, group, couple, two player, two
Can I buy this as a gift for somebody?
gift card, gift voucher
Can I participate if I have a wheelchair?
wheelchair walk disability
Can I wear my glasses?
Can I participate if I am pregnant?
pregnant pregnancy baby
How do I redeem a gift voucher?
gift card, gift voucher, redeem
Can I participate if I have epilepsy?
Do I have to choose one experience?
how many experiences, how many, choose one, choose experience
Do you do walk-in bookings?
do you do walk in bookings, walk up, arrive without booking, can I book on the day?
Is there a dress code?
dress code, wear, what clothes, suitable clothes, clothing, clothes
Do you do any discounts?
Is there somewhere I can store my stuff?
storage, cloak room, cupboard, locker, lockers
Is there a place to wait if I don't have an experience booked?
waiting, holding, chill
Do you have any job vacancies?
jobs do you have a vacancy