London's most immersive VR Experience


One island. Infinite possibility.

What is this Experience?

OTHERWORLD is London's most exciting and innovative social entertainment concept.

Using unique, multi-sensory virtual reality technology, we've transported over 50,000 people into the future of immersive entertainment.

Down a back-street in Haggerston, East London, you can find our portal to the OTHERWORLD inside a converted railway arch.

You and anyone in your group will each have a private Immersion Room for your privacy and comfort, digitally interconnected and transporting you all together to a distant, virtual island paradise.

On the OTHERWORLD island, you can see and hear each other, and explore the best VR experience London has to offer.


Our Immersion Room™ Technology includes HTC Vive Pro headsets and unique extra-sensory effects to immerse you and your team deeper than any other VR experience in London.

Using the power of heat, wind and rumble in 360 degrees, we heighten the realism of virtual worlds, giving you a new level of escape.

14 EXPERIENCES IN Virtual Reality

When you enter OTHERWORLD, the choice is yours: VR's best experiences, all available for you to choose from.

Everyone has different tastes, so our experiences and games can be found in four distinct regions of the island: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

Spring is best for first-timers, while Winter is better suited to when you're more used to your new reality. Whether you're new to VR or a gaming pro, there'll be something you'll enjoy!

You'll navigate the island via the World Tree in the centre of the island. It'll show you how to find each experience so you waste no time jumping into the fun!

Tickets From £12 — Click Here to book

an Experience That Pays You To Play

Our latest technology - DreamCoin - is a virtual reality currency that you earn as you explore our games and experiences.

As your group take on the horror of a zombie apocalypse together, or try to compete against each other at the local fayre, you will earn DreamCoin.

"What can this currency be used for?" I hear you ask...

DreamCoin can be used in the real world at the bar to purchase and enjoy our wide ranging selection of craft beer, spirits and cocktails.

But it doesn't end there...

You will get your own handy DreamPort, a bank-card style item that holds your DreamCoin so you can not only use it at a later time, but also amass a fortune over time!

The only downside is that if you do to well in the experiences and games then, naturally, your friends will look to you for a free pint...

Can sound, sight, aroma and touch really affect taste? Experience how a change in the environment you are in affects your perception of anything consumed.


Relax as we take you through a journey, with 3D projection mapping, carefully selected aroma release and a soundscape designed to increase mindfulness in both drinking and eating. Be able to have an experience that is as unique as you are, knowing that "We all live in very different taste worlds" means that your experience really will be your own.

Dr. Who

Our experiences will change every 3 months collaborating with different partners each time.


Ben J


Really good fun VR experience - super immersive, responsive and genuinely feels like the next step in gaming.

The staff are really friendly and helpful.The equipment is in great condition and generally works perfectly.

The voice communication between you and the rest of your group and the "overseer" (in game support) is really well implemented.The better you perform in the game, the more credit you earn for drinks at the bar.

Highly recommended!




I took my daughter and we had a blast. The staff is friendly and helpful.

They have an interesting concept whereby you earn points when you play.

We earned ourselves a hot chocolate and soda. I’d highly recommend it.

I will be back.

Sherifa Star


A colleague recommended this place for a work social and we all loved it.

It was even better than I imagined it would be.

We all can't wait to come back.

The experience is definitely otherworldly, lots of fun and definitely worth the time.

I'd recommend to anyone who wants to experience something new.

the virtual island

Games & Experiences

Once you're in OTHERWORLD, you can freely move between 14 experiences via the island.

We curate the best virtual reality experiences in the world. By only having the best games available, we make sure your time has maximum entertainment value: no wasted time finding the one for you!

Look below and see what your team would like to try first: