So anyway, I started blasting...One-on-one duels, armed to the teeth.

Duck, dodge & weave like Neo as you duel players & bots to rise to the top League with your loadout assembled from collected weapons in this competitive slow-motion bullet-hell of endless skill & depth.

11/10... My knees were not ready — Cherrypopins (Steam user)

Blaston surrounds you and your friend with futuristic high-tech weapons as you continuously dodge, duck and weave around incoming attacks while looking for the perfect kill shot on each other.Blaston blends slow motion shooting with a huge firepower and close-range combat to create a bullet-hell experience that’s personal, tactical, and unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Amazing, a must have, I really hope it's gets more mainstream, I'm surprised this isn't as popular as beat saber — RODSQUARE (Steam user)
Amazing! And actually has players playing. Got sucked in for multiple hours tonight. — dpill (Steam user)